stile_hair_Logo_centered_TEMP   sti • lé (stē´ lā)  n. 1. Italian for style  2. What you can expect from our fashion forward cuts, vibrant and shinny custom hair color and trendsetting men’s grooming.  3. What you will find at this boutique salon located in a very private setting on the Sunset Strip, in West Hollywood, CA.  4. a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed: the studios are no exception to the general style. • a particular design of clothing. • a way of arranging the hair. 5. elegance and sophistication: a sophisticated Salon with style and taste. v. fashion, design, shape, tailor, cut v. [ with obj. ]1. design or make in a particular form: the salon is moderately sized and conservatively styled. • arrange (hair) in a particular way: he styled her hair by twisting it up to give it body. ORIGIN Middle English (denoting a stylus, also a literary composition, an official title, or a characteristic manner of literary expression): from Old French stile, from Latin stilus. The verb dates from the early 16th cent. fr: fayon, maniyre, style it: eloquio, foggia, taglio sp: elegancia, estilo, moda SYNONYMS: method, approach, way, manner, fashion, technique, mode chic, panache, elegance, stylishness, bravura, flair, grace, good taste, smartness, polish, class, charm design, type, variety, quality, character, sort, form, kind, pattern luxury, comfort, luxuriousness, grandeur, extravagance, elegance, lavishness, opulence, wealth PHRASES: in style (or in grand style )in an impressive, grand, or luxurious way.